Fidelio Suite 8

Software description

Fidelio Version 8 is a fully integrated, flexible software package, designed to maximize the efficiency of hotel operations. The system contains all the functions for the daily operations of the hotel, including all aspects of hotel management and maintenance. It supports all the requirements of the hotel industry, from basic services to complete and luxury services.
Fidelio Version 8 is based on Oracle ® technology, integrated, web-friendly, customizable software package, parameter-oriented.

Basic features are:
• Easy to use
• Insight into the current state of occupancy and availability of all hotel facilities
• Supports multilingualism, different currencies, different legal regulations
• Navigation between screens
• Graphic icons, pull - down menu
• The possibility of calling for assistance - help for each operation
• A large number of reports, statistics ...
• High security
• Interface with POS system, Back Office, telephone management systems, door locking, fiscal devices...

Fidelio Version 8 modules

Fidelio Version 8 integrated modules are:
1. The database clients (Customer Relationship Management - CRM)
2. Reservations
3. Front office (Front Desk)
4. Cashiering
5. Rooms management
6. Conference & Catering Management
7. Night Audit

Software modules description:

1. Customer Relationship Management - CRM

The data of all hotel guests (both individuals and companies) are located in that module. In addition to basic data about the guests (full name, date and place of birth, sex, language, nationality), you can enter:
- unlimited number of contact information (phone numbers, addresses, e-mail address ...);
- prefered room or rooms features (smoking or nosmoking rooms, shower or bath and so on ...)
- data with personal document (eg passport number, validity period, place of publication, etc.).
- family members with their master data....
For business users enter data that you are of importance for establishing the next contact, and billing for the provided services (VAT, invoicing address, contact person ...)
For each client to track the history of staying in your hotel (period of stay, number of rooms in which he was placed per each stay, as well as the cost of services are applied ...).
In addition to individual and company profiles, shall be kept and travel agencies with the definition of agency commission. Based on the information in this module you can create reports by different criteria: date of birth, nationality, sex...

2. Reservations

The creation of booking is possible for an unlimited number of rooms, guests and for unlimited time, unless that period have free capacities. If you do not have the available capacity, the rooms can be added to the waiting list. Booking entry module includes reservations for individuals as well as group reservations and block (allotment) reservation. Group reservations can be fixed the dates of arrivals and departures of all group members, or with flexible dates, when you enter the date of arrival of the first member of the group and departure of the last member of the group. There are different options to post charges (individual, group, etc.).. Check In and assigning rooms are fully automated.
When entering a reservation it is possible to define room type, price, check-in time, the initial and final meals, method of payment, as well as the billing instruction to the company. Confirmation letter of booking is printed on the guest's language.

3. Front Desk

Automated system to check in guests by reservation. At any moment you can check the expected arrivals, expected departures, and the view of guests in the hotel.
This module allows you to enter messages for guests with printing option, and to track the status: delivered or undelivered

4. Cashiering

Using module Cashiering you will have access to the balance of each guest, as well as invoicing in a user-defined format invoice in multiple languages. There are different styles of the standard invoices. It is possible to merge invoices, and unlimited opportunities to split invoices, regrouping of posting and transfer to other room or account. There are no restrictions on combinations of payment: credit cards, cash, invoices, check.

If you establish a software connection (interface) between Fidelio software package, and sales in restaurants as well as telephone management system or PayTV system, debit entries are automatically routed to the guest account, with full analytics (eg, call out: time of call, number it's called, call duration, call cost calculated on the basis of unit price).
Cashiering reports are automatically printed. The system supports multiple currencies, and can view charges in different currencies, based on the exchange list that the user regularly.

5. Rooms management

Complete overview of the rooms' status with the possibility of changing their status. Graphical display makes it easy to access floors to the status of the room, and in the availability of capacity also. In addition to monitoring the status of basic rooms, you can change the room status to "out of use" with a defined reason.

6. Night Audit

User-defined night audit procedure. Unlimited number of reports and statistics. Automatic posting of all fixed charges and prices of rooms. It is possible to define the printing of certain reports, or their export to another format, eg. Excel.

Reporting module has more than 250 different reports and statistics views. All reports can be printed or saved in another format, eg. Excel. There is a possibility to generate reports on specific client request, and run reports in the chosen language.

Strictly defined user rights allow you to use the program only on the basis of privilege for certain software modules, depending on the user's position.

Manage 3rd (third) systems

Fidelio V8 Interface

Fidelio V8 Interface module, developed using the latest technology, provides a link between Fidelio Suite 8 and 3rd (third) system, such as PBX, Key System, Video System, Point of Sale (POS).
Developed the interface to communicate with more than 6,000 brand systems, such as: Avaya, Panasonic, Ericsson, Micro-Master, Adria, INFOSTAR, Onity-Tess, VingCard,....

Function interface (depending on the type of device) are based on 2-ways communication or a 1-way communication.

The interface features with the telephone management system are as follows:
 - Real-time communication: Data on completed call (date, time, number dialed, the number of pulses, price) will automatically be charged to the account of the guest who is checked-in in the room
 - check in / out guest automatically unblock / block phone calls outside the hotel
 - wake-up calls for guest (or groups)
 - automatically update the name of the guest to the console operator
 - History of calls on all types of locals (rooms and HouseUse)

Using the Interface with key service system automatically create keys for the guest in accordance with data on the reservation (arrival / departure). Upon check-out of the guest, the card automatically becomes inactive.

Links to video systems provides the following services: Automatic charge the guest for PayTV, review accounts on TV (Bill View), Welcome messages, view messages for the guest, etc ...