Materials Control

Materials Control

Materials Control is a software package for monitoring the process of procurement, stock and inventory control. Using this application affects the reduction of operating costs.

The main modules are:

- Purchase (vendor bids, purchase orders, price list of purchasing items, receiving with or without purchasing orders and invoice management. This module supports control of purchasing process by defining authorization levels for each inventory item. Reporting includes purchase per item or per supplier, quantity and amount deviation between ordered and received and many other useful reports. All reports can be saved in Excel format.

- Store (requisition, store transfers on the basis of requisition, inventory, stock control, defining minimal and optimal stock, creating inventories.) Reporting in this module includes article history, requests and transfers, stock on hand, booking journal...

- Production(recipes, sales analysis for comparing product costs and selling prices). This module is the link between sales and inventory systems. Selling items in your restaurant, on the basis of recipes and product-store schemes to deplete stock. This module also supports creation of book of recipes with pictures. Reporting in this module includes a variety of analysis including sales and marketing classification, based on the percentage of product sales in total sales.

- Resultshow daily, monthly and yearly sales analysis, material consumption and cost of items.

- Master data (suppliers, purchasing items - raw materials and supplies, tax rates, units, Cost Centres/Stores).
There is a possibility of interfacing with the accounting software.

Benefits of Materials Control:

• Managing a large number of stores
• Item Groups
• Price Quotes
• Inventory optimization
• Inventory tracking by the HACCP standard
• Inventory list`s
• Inventory differences reports
• Store transfers
• Authorization
• Recipe printing with pictures
• Sales Analysis
• Interface to the POS system
• Multilanguage support