About Us

About Us

Best Solutions is Micros-Fidelio authorized distributor in Serbia.

Our team of experts is running operations in Serbia since 2005. Best Solutions and Micros-Fidelio corporation together are involved in variuos projects in Serbia as well as in region and if there is a need they can be engaged in projects outside of Serbia.

What we do

Our core business is sales of Micros-Fidelio solutions, implementation, user training, support and consulting services in the field of hotel and restaurant business, spa centers, airports, stadiums, casinos, cruise boats, retail ...

In order to complete offers customized by the principle - all-in-one we offer additional range of products such as Inteligent rooms, paytv, VOD, IP telephony, ID readers...

Micros Solution & Benefits

Choosing the right point of sale software or property management system is critical to hospitality and retail businesses.

Micros Systems, Inc. is the largest global supplier of point of sale and information management for hotels, restaurants, casinos, full and quick restaurants, and other industries including cruise ships and amusement parks. Micros designs, manufactures, markets, and supports systems, related peripheral equipment and software. Since its inception in 1977, Micros has enjoyed rapid growth and market penetration. Based on strong customer recognition and satisfaction, Micros has realized significant continual annual growth. Micros Systems, Inc. has been recognized by Forbes magazine, the television production Inside Wall Street, Financial World magazine, and the Washington Post for its financial success.

MICROS is the only full systems solutions provider for all market segments with a global distribution and service network in place for major chains, regional chains, local independents, table service, and the quick service market.

MICROS provides a scalable solution to manage the very large and very complex operational requirements associated with hotels, casinos, airports, theme parks, stadiums and cruise lines. MICROS is the global leader in the restaurant industry with more than 310,000 installations worldwide.