9700 HMS

MICROS 9700 HMS Point-of-Sale System

The 9700 HMS is an Electronic Point-of-Sale System for the large enterprise, designed to integrate all functions of both front-end and back-office restaurant service, retail service and more. The MICROS 9700 HMS utilizes the industry's most advanced EPOS technology to deliver maximum flexibility and scalability. The system has been built as both a Microsoft® and ORACLE application to leverage the expanded power and built-in security of these two world-proven operating systems.

The 9700 HMS can produce up-to-the-minute customised reports in real-time, and allows multiple users to operate other software programs while the system is in use. The system can also automate specific utilities, so reports and other functions can run unattended at the same time every day. These features provide outstanding savings of time and effort for restaurant management personnel.

The MICROS 9700 HMS interfaces to virtually any system or software, so users can easily integrate EPOS with their Property Management System, credit authorization, and back-office software.

Optional Features:

9700 Kitchen Display System

The KDS facilitates communication between the kitchen, management and waiting staff, improving kitchen efficiency which ultimately speeds up service.

9700 Suites Management

9700 Suites Management is a catering management solution specifically designed for the sports and entertainment marketplace. 9700 Suites Management is enterprise-ready and web-delivered, enabling you to configure one or more venues from a single Suites Management installation in a central data centre.

9700 Kiosk

The 9700 HMS self-service kiosk integration is designed to streamline Point-of-Sale transactions, providing faster service to your guests and increased revenue to your business.