BellaVita - Spa and fitness management system

BellaVita software helps users to enhance the profits from their wellness, spa and fitness facilities. The software achieves this by providing efficient support in all relevant business processes.
BellaVita is based on the ORACLE database and can be used as a stand-alone programme or integrated into hotel front-office systems such as Fidelio. BellaVita is ease of use and clear displays satisfy even the most demanding requirements.
Whether wellness, beauty or fitness, BellaVita lets you manage the whole range of services in a unique way. With a couple of mouse clicks, you can put together personalised offers for your guests, simultaneously reserving the required employees and resources.


You can make reservations more easily than ever before. You select what is being booked, the guest who is booking it and, optionally, the relevant member of staff in whatever order you want. BellaVita looks after the rest.

Sales support

BellaVita lets you see an overview of all of your facilities at any time, plus all the available resources. As the system also knows your customers preferences, this enables you to advise customers competently and individually. Targeted offers can be made via any of the mailing methods available today (letter, fax, e-mail etc.), helping you to expand and consolidate your customer base.

Planning / scheduling resources

Optimal planning increases employee efficiency and ensures that your infrastructure is sensibly utilised. BellaVita helps you to achieve this with clarity and up-to-date information. Whether for individual bookings of your services or bookings of whole packages, BellaVita informs you immediately of all available resources and makes the appropriate reservations. This ensures that guests can always be cared for in a professional manner.


BellaVita maintains an overview of your staff, whether they are employed full or part-time. For each employee, an individual schedule is administered consisting of times present, absences and bookings. You can access and print the schedule at any time. For each member of staff, you can also record particular skills.


The system has all the necessary features to enable it to be used as a stand-alone solution. That means it can generate all customer invoices and other bills on its own. However, if you use a good hotel information system, such as Fidelio, guest and billing data can be used for both applications and services can be billed together. If you want to use Fidelio to charge the service provided it takes only one click. BellaVita and Fidelio will then exchange the necessary information.


To enable your guests to always have a summary of what they have booked, you can print a personal agenda for them at any time simply at the push of a button.
Bella Vita also provides member administration and a complete voucher module.

Stock Administration

BellaVita can be used for full stock administration, inventory and order of products. Another option is an interface with Matrials Control.